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The surnames I am researching for my paternal side of the family are: Biermann / Beermann (Hannover; Cincinnati, OH); Maune (Cincinnati, OH; Dearborn County, IN); Schulte (Lorup, Sogel, Hannover and Cincinnati, OH), Ostendorf (Hannover; Cincinnati, OH); Wippel/Whipple (Roxheim, Bavaria; Meigs County, OH; Beaver County, PA); Miller / Mueller / Müller (Kleinniedesheim, Bavaria; Pomeroy, Dayton, and Cincinnati, OH) and Schatz (Bützow, Mecklenburg; Cincinnati, OH). For my maternal side the surnames are Lindner (Dresden, Saxony; Cincinnati, OH); Kessler (Dresden); Püschel (Buchholz, Saxony); Bertram; Luther (direct line of Martin Luther, the Reformer); Maier (Plieningen, Stuttgart); Stephan; and Helfrich (Bavaria; Maysville, KY; Ripley, Brown County, OH).

On Gary’s paternal side of the family I am researching Hartley, Sutcliffe, Jowett and Hainsworth (Thornton, Denholme Gate, Halifax, Bradford in West Yorkshire); also Hartley (Melbourne, Australia); Kohler (Schweinfurt); Lang (Beerfelden); McGaughey (County Armaugh, Ireland; Philadelphia). On Gary’s maternal side the surnames are Sigmund (Philadelphia, Pfalz); Heritage, Campbell (Philadelphia); Brown (Gap, Lancaster County, PA); Holzmann (Baltimore, MD; Württemburg); Walton (Byberry Waltons); Davis and Gross (Chester County, PA).

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