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June 2004

Jett is a stray who was hit by a car in the Park at New River Gorge National River, WV, this past Memorial Day weekend. The accident happened late at night. Two good Samaritans rescued him from the railroad tracks in Prince where he curled up after he was hurt. They called the Rangers and, luckily, Gary was on duty. The couple who brought the dog to the park were identified, but they disavowed responsibility. The dog was a stray they found at their home. They brought him camping, because they were “worried about him,” but he wasn’t their dog.

Jett’s rear right leg was hanging limp like a rag. The first animal clinic called refused to see strays. The second, didn’t answer. Finally, Dr. Trent from Paws and Claws Animal Clinic in Shady Springs didn’t want to see this dog suffer and agreed to meet us at 11 p.m. on a Saturday night. She was a real Angel of Mercy. She sedated the poor dog and agreed to help him as soon as possible over the weekend.

Jett has a fractured tibia. It was a difficult surgery and Dr. Trent had to wire and pin the leg. She believes that Jett will recover fully as long as he doesn’t reinjure himself during recovery. Jett came home from Paws and Claws nearly one week after the accident. He has had his shots and he is heartworm negative and on Heartgard. He will be in foster care with us until his owner claims him, or until he finds a forever home.

Jett has a wonderful temperament. He is sweet and loving. He gets along well with his foster brother and sister, Ranger and Ruby. Ranger doesn’t understand why they can’t play. Ruby understands perfectly, but does not like it when Jett whines for attention.

Jett knows the sit command and may be housebroken. Who knows what else he knows?